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Let’s Try Idealism?
January 28, 2010, 6:45 pm
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I just finished Josh Moody’s book, Jonathan Edwards and the Enlightenment: Knowing the Presence of God, which attempts to locate Jonathan Edwards’ place in the enlightenment. I’m highly impressed. Edwards has laid out a philosophy which answers so many of my questions (at least to my satisfaction) that it’s hard to not simply embrace his system as a whole, uncritically. That would be dumb, however. The last time I did that was in a high school Current Events class where I decided I would be the “socialist” in the class because nobody else was picking that category. On some levels, I’m still living that one down.

I like that Edwards sees a difference between the epistemology of those who have received light from God to view the world in light of revelation, and those who rely merely on either reason or empirical discovery. I’m also comfortable with the idea that reality is only as real as God decides to make it, and that ultimately, He is the reality. His promise to keep us around is what keeps us around: hence, the immortality of the soul is not something we need to weigh or measure, nor place in a syllogism: it is a rubric by which other truths may be tested. Since God has revealed it, it is an axiom which renders the rest of the world comprehensible.

I suspect that I have colleagues who would attempt to commit me to an asylum for such beliefs. If the food is good and I can ride my bike and read, and Lady comes with me, it would be a nice vacation.


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