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November 8, 2011, 7:09 pm
Filed under: Biography, Personal Adventures

Best year of my life. Worst year of my life. Twilight zone, event horizon, moving in space between. Moving is optional, for the moving occurs without my permission. Space. Time. Who is governing the mass that is space and time? Beat poets. Stinky men. Beat poetry. Spoken words best described as prose de-souled. Someone-needs-to-be-beat. Poetry. Beat a beat poet at something. Perhaps a contest of smelling good: if you can’t beat. A beat poet. At smelling good, you ought to go home. Best year of my life. Worst year of my life. Gotta go to school. Or I’m gonna end up a beat poet. And be stinky.


I just started up my Face Tube account again so that I can keep up with things at work and communicate easily with my wife.*gasp* But you… I know. I meant every word of it too.

Does that mean I’m too busy in life, that I use a vacuous medium like Face Tube to communicate with my wife (who is currently in another country)?Yes.

For the record, I laid the axe to the root and zapped 210 people (so far) from the swollen list of people whose continued existence was momentarily novel to me. Goodbye, most of my HS connections! Goodbye, most of my NBBC connections! Goodbye, most of my pre-marriage connections! And goodbye, courtesy friends picked up along the way! I may zap more, but it’s time consuming.

I remember how they got there: “Oh look, there’s so-and-so from some previous era of my life, such as high school. Huh. Evidently, and perhaps I am not as surprised as I should be, he has continued to exist. How novel that is. That is easily sufficient grounds for friendship.” *click* Now we’re friends! And so we… are friends! On Face Tube! Because that’s real!

The people I kept around either are members of my immediate family; or actually my friends, in the sense that I would go and see them if they got really sick; or people who pertain to my employment somehow. That’s it. And from now on, when someone asks me to click affirmation of our shared Platonic affection for one another, there will be a form to fill out and some references to gather. And I’m not worth the time, so don’t bother.

When I have time, I will remove all of my pictures. Nobody’s business but my own, thank you very much.

Why did I do this? Two reasons: work+family, and I recently read a book called From the Garden to the City by John Dyer. He did not clear everything up for me, but what he did do is at least help me think about why Facebook cheapens everything it touches. There are things of mine that Facebook will never touch again, but those are the exact things that don’t belong there in the first place. Now if everyone else could just figure that out, the world would be a more livable place. Until then, Facebook is just a slightly higher-tech and more narcissistic venue for venting one’s depravity.


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