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Apologia #3
April 1, 2012, 9:11 pm
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Curt Ames
Mar 5

to me
His deal was that we were meant to eat the whole fruit- peaches, apples, cherries, everything. Had some sort of misinterpretation of scripture to back it up, too…

Is that the Discovery museum? The place where they confuse concretion with fossilization, and have statues of people riding dinosaurs? And the place they took that cyclops cat head as ‘proof’ that all mutations are deleterious? I’ve got some serious problems with what they’re peddling there, to be honest. No offense meant, but what happens there is… well, not very scientific, and preys on people’s faith and lack of education. It’s possible that the whole thing is quite well-intended, but the end effect is that people come away with less of an understanding of the history of the Earth than when they went in.
Again, not trying to be offensive. I’ve never been there but have seen footage, and have seen individual exhibits thoroughly debunked by sound science.
Do you know if they’re still using the ‘human’ footprints they found in with the dinosaur ones?
Chris Ames
Mar 5

to Curt
Well, there is no such thing as observation without interpretation, but from my world view, concretion is a more likely scenario for much of what is found than fossilization, especially when dealing with poly-strata fossils.The key to science is the scientific method, right? Observation and repeatability. I can visit the Natural History museum and interpret it through a young-earth creationist worldview and disregard the leaps of faith on their signage just as easily as a committed naturalist could visit the Creation Museum and enjoy the high-quality fossils on display and interpret them according to his world-view. The point I was making is that it was a quality museum, not that the interpretation (with which I am largely sympathetic) is binding on everyone who walks through the door.

So, no offense taken. But before you trust selective footage (which is not the same as observation) and an interpretation from a competing worldview, I would suggest making one’s own observations.

All history is interpretation.

I don’t know if anyone is still using the Glen Rose streambeds anymore. Was that a hoax or something?


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