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Apologia #10
April 3, 2012, 11:27 pm
Filed under: Apologioi
Christopher Ames
3:29 PM (7 hours ago)

to Curt
 “Of course another person in the same conditions isn’t automatically going to have the same opinions. This is, I’m sorry to say, a straw man- no one is taking the position that you are so easily knocking over.”

 It’s not a straw man argument if Sam Harris is selling books… oh never mind, it could still be a straw man argument. If man is matter, matter always behaves according to set principles. Always. But man is not merely matter. You seem to think that matter can transcend itself by creatively circumventing the very principles that hamper such things as a conception of “self.” On its own, with no creative force to motivate it.

If you want to know why I believe what I believe, understand that very little of it would pass muster before the scientific method or historical argument. That does not make it any more subjective than the reality of other minds: knowledge of God is very similar to the knowledge of other minds.

I think I understand why many would reject Christianity. I’ve thought about it myself, as an insider: I know way more shallow Christians and people with bologna for brains than I’d ever wish on my worst enemy. I have wrestled long and hard with the problem of evil in this world. But I cannot reject it because it is the only coherent answer to the problems of origins, telos, and the problem of evil. Not only that (and here’s the truly hokey part), but I see God’s work and love Him for it. I see the Cross of Christ in art and history and I say “what an accomplishment!” I don’t feel his presence as some claim, and I don’t believe in continuing revelation: God has nothing to prove to me. I would never call my belief a deduction, but rather a strong induction upon which I can rest with absolute certainty. His existence, coupled with his character as he has revealed himself, is the epistemological First Truth that I bring to every proposition. It would be #1 on the flow chart. Even if I’m wrong about something, and I am often wrong about many things, especially when it comes to the problem of other minds, I believe that I can trust Him, not to solve my problems (though He might), but to do right according to His standards. I don’t think I’ve been consistent in capitalizing the divine pronouns in this paragraph.

I know I haven’t answered all of your items, but I gotta go to work. Plus I have ticks crawling up my leg.

With ticks,



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