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Apologia 21: The Big Red Button
April 30, 2012, 8:18 pm
Filed under: Apologioi, Destined to get me in trouble

From: Christopher Ames
Sent: Sun 4/29/2012 11:24 PM
To: Curt Ames []
Subject: Re: MD20


First question, not rhetorical:

Is it “crocodile” or “crockodile” in American English?

I saw a video about intelligent design where the American guy presenting spells it the latter way. He has advanced degrees from prestigious universities too. I was hoping to send you the link to prove a point, but I find it highly suspicious when people with PhD’s can’t spell: I think speaks of a disheveled mind, or perhaps a donated doctorate. Maybe that’s proof that discussions about intelligent design do not arise from intelligent people.


With respect to the no doubt publicly-funded, pretty-reliable study and its statistical probabilities and their highness, I and my retardation will go on willingly fooling one another that you have no ground upon which to stand when you use the word “significance.” When the universe is embers, or slurps back down to the statistical unity, or after we’re dead because of global warming, or when microbes wisely add enough information to their DNA to become sentient in ways beyond “I’m going to give that feller the runs because he’s supposed to race his bike tomorrow morning” and chew our throats off; there will not be, nor will there ever have been, any such thing as “significance.” Or courage, or love, or the bandwagon informal fallacy, or will to live, or art, or science.

Of course, I and my mental deficiencies are over here winking at one another, knowing full well the whole time that “significance” does not need to exist objectively in order to be, or to “signify” something.

I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow to fund more studies that call me a retard!

Oh, and feel free to borrow “significance” from a morally ordered worldview any time. Just provide a footnote and it’s fine.

With respect to Tiny Rubber Bands: of course you can’t see them. They’re hiding from you. Same with Mermaids, as far as I know, though they’re hiding from me too, evidently. Either they’re shy and sly, or they’re invisible and ubiquitous. And it’s the tiny stopwatches… no, William Paley said something like that, and he’s no good… it’s the tiny hourglasses that slow time down around massive objects. They’re Union, and when a bunch of them get together, it’s BREAKTIME FOR EVERYTHING.




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