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Apologia 24
April 30, 2012, 8:30 pm
Filed under: Apologioi

From: Curt Ames []
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 7:27 PM
To: Christopher Ames
Subject: Re: MD20

I agree- the discussion should be tabled. There is enough common ground (like the astounding fact of our own existence, regardless of cause, and the inherent beauty of the universe, especially as we, by our own endeavor, reveal more and more of it) that I hope that we can agree that the wonder of being is wondrous regardless of its origin, and the short time that we can be sure we do have should not be used in fruitless endeavors like putting unwanted labels on each other’s beliefs.

I make no promises as to the revival of the discussion at any point, but still encourage you to provide any evidence for the veracity of your beliefs at such a time as it becomes available.

You may continue to pray, as it in my opinion does only as much harm as it does good. At least it means you’re thinking of me. 🙂 And as I said, the best thing you can pray for is proof.

I am sorry if my choice of phrasing or my treatment of the subjects raised upset you. Again I understand that faith is often a very emotional thing, and facts are easy to be dispassionate about, so it was wrong for me to approach your beliefs in the same way as I approach my own. But I would say that it goes both ways.

In the end I will leave you this: The very best, tip-top argument I have ever, ever heard for a creator of the universe, and one that certainly gave me something to think about. It was a discussion with Michelle’s sister’s hubby Will (who is an Anglican by the way. His mom recently retired from the pulpit actually).

Me: “I just see a lot of problems with the biblical account. For one, it says that God created light before he created stars. That makes no sense at all.”

Will: “Well, I imagine the Big Bang would have been a fairly bright event.”

Me: “…..”


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