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Whoa, Big Surprise!
April 10, 2013, 1:54 pm
Filed under: Biography, Destined to get me in trouble

A while back, before the Great Purge, I wrote some things about why I don’t sing. I intended it to be autobiographical.

Then I realized that most people don’t care why I don’t sing; that for the most part people are more concerned to live on the margins where the Bible don’t say Yea or Nay; and that writing at length about myself is not a charming task.

Is there a lot more to the story? You bet your chin whiskers! I came from the charismatic movement; I played in bands; I sold my bass guitar and amplifiers to pay for my education. You could say I’ve got a little bit of history here. I know the feeling that some are after. Incidentally, Pixy Stix are cheaper.

To sum it up, though, I don’t sing junk to God, and I’m about the business of narrowing the definition of “junk” to conform as closely as possible to the opinions of God on the matter. It has been quite a process in getting to this point, and there is no going back. Furthermore, I’ve got a long way to go.

When institutions and their devotees, following the sheep in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, begin to cry “Four legs good; Two legs BETTER!”, reasoned critique becomes necessary. With very few exceptions, reasoned critique is not what one finds in these discussions. Any time anyone says something along the lines of “music has intrinsic meaning,” these people reach for their wallets, where they keep a nearly inexhaustible supply of Sola Scripturaad hominem, and “my fuzzy feelings” trump cards. It is not exactly soil in which the seeds of fruitful discussion can germinate.

I am completely comfortable with the axiom there are some forms that are simply not worthy for addressing God (the forgotten participant in a worship experience). Just like I don’t floss my teeth or shave my legs during Church, I don’t sing pop-form music in church. This includes most everything from Fanny Crosby and P.P. Bliss up through John Peterson to the latest Sovereign Grace stuff. That’s the mainstream: I’m also horrified by the rubbish that Majesty Music and Church Works Media put out. For about six years or so, having the Majesty hymnal was a mark of Fundamentalist solidarity. What it did was show Fundamentalists that their hymnody was so bankrupt that anything would be better. Along came Keith Getty, et al., to supply some anything.

But for some people, anything becomes the only thing.

So when I see the college I attended embracing and marketing itself with this, having already embraced this and this, am I supposed to be surprised?


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