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The Provisional Center?
January 5, 2016, 3:57 pm
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Why is John Piper, co-editor of a massive book sharply demarcating the roles of men and women, and board member for an organization committed to the same, so inclined to jettison his principles come conference time?

Todd Pruitt asks this important question here:

Mortification of Spin | Now I’m Really Confused about Complimentarianism

The reader might notice that Pruitt does not answer the question, but wonders aloud that it is not being asked. He thinks, as do others, that someone ought to sit Piper down and ask him what’s up.

But what is Piper going to say? “I don’t really believe those things that I staked my ministry and reputation on?” No; and putting his finger on a principle that guides his decisions would also be next to impossible, as he demonstrated when he tried to defend his relationship with Mark Driscoll.

Little bit of this, little bit of that…

I strongly suspect, mostly in the absence of any counter-evidence, that what guides Piper is what Rolland McCune called glandular Christianity. A glandular Christian’s approach to a problem or topic is more or less instinctual: there really is no coordinating principle that normalizes his positions. He lets his assumptions go unquestioned even after pressure comes to bear upon his position. At that point, he reaches for his concordance and throws up a haphazard, temporary embankment around his position. In this person’s mind, the position does not actually need to be defended: it is justified because he holds it.

This, perhaps, is why so many attempts to discern a pattern in Piper’s thinking come across as tenuous.


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Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


Comment by Ryan Martin

There was good meat there; I didn’t want it to go to waste.


Comment by christopheram

If you can preach to a bunch of sweaty kids, who’s going to pass that up? My guess is that that’s Piper’s logic.

That’s your point. Then where does it stop? What’s the limiting or defining factor?

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Comment by Ryan Martin

Ryan, exactly. Another friend, who was a student at Bethlehem, had asked JP about this, and he concluded more or less that Piper considers his message to be so important that he will preach it anywhere, any time.

Piper seems to borrow the worst ideas from people. Seems like he got this one from Billy Graham.


Comment by christopheram

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