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Purgatorial, I tell you…
May 14, 2013, 11:07 pm
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Today I celebrated the fact that I would be done with school for the year if I hadn’t taken block classes. I’ve got one more book to read, a review to write, another review to write, and then a wee little project that involves colored highlighters. Yay, grad school!

I celebrated by going for a bike ride. I’ve already done plenty of homework over the last three weeks, thanks very much: I’m going to go and actually think for a while. Even if it’s 92 degrees out there.

I rode my mountain bike at a local trail system called Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve. Then I rode over to Lebanon Hills (or, the Mountain Bike Mall) and rode the trails over there. Then I rode back and did Murphy again. 52 miles, and the last nine were not much fun. I did get attacked by a sandpiper, however.

The two systems are about ten miles apart on McAndrews Road, which runs east-west. I rode east from Murphy to Lebanon into a 20 mph wind out of the southeast. I rode back from Lebanon to Murphy an hour later into a 20 mph wind straight out of the west. Uphill! Both ways!


In the process, I ate a Fruity Pebbles bar from Kwik Trip; drank ten water bottles worth of fluids, plus another one and a half on the drive home; and ate all the pistachios I had the strength to shell. Back at the ranch, I got on the scale: I weighed 7.2 pounds less than I did before breakfast.



Purgatorial Activities
April 19, 2013, 11:32 am
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I’m sitting here working on work.

I’m looking outside at 9 inches of unwelcome snow, heavy as cement, blanketing my yard and the fair ghetto in which I dwell.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I have time to ride my stationary trainer. On April 20th.

If that’s not purgatorial, I don’t know what is!

Purgatorial Activities
April 1, 2013, 9:12 am
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It’s time to introduce a new category of posts since this is post #100. I call it “purgatorial activities” for reasons that hopefully are fairly obvious. They will be a combination of drudgery, tedium, and irony, in various concentrations, submitted for the wistful chuckles of my vast audience.

Purgatorial activity #1:

Diagram this sentence:

“Another group of methods that can find effective use in evangelizing the lost is the vast array of resources that are so appealing to the masses in the categories of radio, television, gospel films, and literature.”

–Alex D. Montoya, “Outreaching,” Pastoral Ministry: How to Shepherd Biblically (Ed. John MacArthur; Nashville: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2005), 260.

Study Questions:

1.  The author asserts that methods can find effective use. Do methods look for effective use? Do methods look for anything?



2.  The author affirms that “the vast array of resources that are so appealing to the masses in the categories”, etc. What are masses in the categories? How would you counsel a method that was looking for ways to appeal to the masses in the categories?



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